Pcroissant: Trees for Tempe Program

Pcroissant has been part of the Tempe community for over twenty years. The city and residents of Tempe are extremely important to us and we care greatly about the quality of life in Tempe. The Pcroissant-Trees for Tempe partnership is our way of contributing to the wellness of our city and environment. Our "Buy a Mug, Save a Tree" program will donate 100% of proceeds to Trees for Tempe to help replenish lost trees and plant new ones.

At times it may seem like a daunting task for an individual to make a difference and help the environment. However, this program, allows each person to become an active participant and keep Tempe beautiful and green.

For more information on the City of Tempe Trees for Tempe Program, please visit www.tempe.gov

Trees for Tempe